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Breeders Awards Fiscal Year 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION:  Awards checks will be held for those who have not filed a W-9 form. If you haven't yet submitted a W-9, you can download one below.  However, if you filed a W-9 in FY 2013 and there are no changes to your information, you do not need to file another W-9 for 2015.  If you are missing breeders awards, please check our updated list of missing W9s.

Download W-9 HerePlease submit completed W-9 form to:

Parks Productions, LTD.
MDARD Breeder Awards Payment Program
116 Premier Drive
Orion, MI  48359-1881

OR you can fax a copy to:
(248) 370-9207

Look up the most up-to-date information regarding breeders awards and broodmare registrations according to the Department of Agriculture's records.  For questions or problems, please contact Judy Ekstrand at (989) 634-9125.

To contact the Department of Agriculture regarding Standardbred breeders awards, call Cinda Karlik at (517) 284-5723.

NOTE:  The Breeders Award table is sorted alphabetically by Breeder.  If there is more than one breeder, make sure you check under all names.  Click on the letters below.  We do not have pay-out totals listed.  ONLY THE GROSS PURSE is listed.  Breeders Awards for Fiscal 2015 covers October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.  Fiscal year 2015 begins October 1, 2014.  Breeders Awards for the last half of fiscal year 2014 are being paid out at 10%.  If you have a check coming to you and you don't receive it, contact Cinda Karlik.

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We have a variety of forms below for your convenience.  This will avoid having to wade through the Department of Agriculture website to find the right form.  If there is any other form you would like us to make available to you on this site, please email info@msba.us.

Standardbred Mare Registration Form
Additional Standardbred Mare Registration Form
USTA List of Mares Bred Form
Standardbred Stallion Registration Form
Breeder/Owner Registration Letter of Instruction
Breeder/Owner Registration Form